•This stove fold in 15 seconds without any spare part, it is made of 20 ga steel. He is very strong he can bear the weight of a man, no stove on the market is like him.
•Designed for intense service, built to last.
•The Ellis stove is sold with a pipe wrench, telescopic pipe extending from 4 "down to 5" up (which prevents creosote accumulating and flowing on the pipe). The pipes are made up of 5 sections of 20'' 26 ga cold rolled steel, all the pipes fit into each other.
•Dimension 11 x 14 x 23''. Fold 14 x 23 x 1 1/2''. Height assembled 21''
•It can easily heat a 12x15' prospector tent
•Made in USA

Description Prix

• Dimension 11" x 14" x 23" (height assembled 21")
• Dimension folded 14 x 23 x 1 1/2"
• Weight 14.5 kg (32 lbs)
with pipes




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All Tents are hand made in Canada