•Y•U•R•T• •G•E•R•

•Y•U•R•T• •G•E•R•

•Depending on the areas where we are in Mongolia, this type of shelter is called "Yurt" or "Ger".
•Freestanding, it is extremely strong and perfect for our climate.
•When the shelter is equipped with a wood stove (she own an isolated and insulated stove output), it becomes as comfortable as home.
•The structure consist of a lattice unfolding like an accordion and serves wall.
•The roof with a clear vinyl roof, moved over with wooden poles whose ends are threaded through the small holes of a wooden hoop giving it the appearance of a wheel carriage or umbrella frame.
•All this assembly rest on two pillars in the center of the shelter, providing a structure capable of withstanding the weight of snow and wind.
•It can withstand winds of 100 km / h.
•Our Yurt are made in the traditional Mongolian technique, no steel cable and metal rivet is used.
•The insulation of the yurt is entirely appropriate to counter the cold and rain as it include, inside, a vapor barrier insulation closed cell (isofoil, termofoil) thickness of 1" / 2.5 cm of recycled felt, followed by another vapor barrier and, on the outside, a watertight and fire-retardant synthetic fabric PVC.
•Just as a house, our yurt has a rigid wooden door, three windows clear vinyl 24 "x 24" and three anti-ums.
•It is cool in summer and extremely warm in winter, due to it's thick felt insulation in addition to being well soundproofed.
•It is possible to have a surplus insulated floor, waterproof and portable for those who do not wish to have permanent floor.
•This type of flooring is very warm even in cold weather.
•Prices are on request and depend on the desired options.
•If you like to see a closer yurt, there is one at your disposal (on reservation).

Diameter Price
16' / 4.80 m 8500$
20' / 6 m 10500$
24' / 7.2 m 13500$
Listed prices does not include taxes and shipping fees, and may change without notice. Price list valid until December 31, 2018.

All Tents are hand made in Canada