Our 10 Ounce Canvas

•A•T•U•K• 10 •O•U•N•C•E•

•Our original canvas.
•We strongly believe that our 10 oz "army duck" cotton treated with "sunforger", which makes it water-repellent, fireproof and mildew resistant is by far the best choice for durability, having experienced it on the ground for many years.
•We now offer a new 7 oz canvas when the goal is a lighter tent. It has the same quality as our original 10 oz.

•Cotton tents vary according to fabric used and manufacturer's skill.
•The most frequently used cotton for tent manufacturing is white cotton.
•There are different grades of cotton, some resist more than others to stretching, to wear, and some are more water repellent.
•White cotton offers more brightness at night.
•Canva is 100% water repellent.
•Tent treated canvas may be named ''Excello'', ''Skyprotex'' or ''Sunforger''.
•Those appellations do not designate brands of cotton, but treatments given to canvas to render it flame retardent, water repellent and mildew resistant.
•Canvas so treated is quite tough, as long as the tent is stored in a dry place.
•The best fabric for ultra durable tents.
•It does not lose it's properties of natural cotton, it creates almost no condensation in cold weather.