In reality, Atuk is Guy Hébert, a complete craftsman, trapper and woodsman. He works with wood, leather, fur and fabric. In fact there is nothing in his trial. Over the years he has developed a deep interest in all aspects of Native American handicrafts. That is why he chose the name Atuk for his company, meaning "caribou", a word that comes from the Montagnais living on the North Shore of Quebec.

Bushcraft Daypack

Fully customizable as required, carefully handmade from high-end materials. A class of its own.


Anorak Atuk

Made of 7-ounce poly cotton material, which makes them lightweight and compact, it offers excellent wind resistance while breathing very well.


Kni-Co Stoves

Also known as the Sheepherder stoves, they offer the best quality / price ratio on the market. Excellent stoves for transportation and fit all types of tents.


The Alaskan tent is designed for travellers. It is light and does not occupy more space than a thightly rolled sleeping bag.


The Artic tent can be put up in a very short time. Because of its octagonal shape and a 12' to 15' diameter, it offers a great resistance to wind.


Cette toile multiple usage peut faire plusieurs configurations d'abri rapidement. Elle est légère et n'occupe pas plus de place qu'un sac de couchage bien roulé.


The Artic tent's big brother, with greater capacity. The Cree is simple and fast to pich up with a single pole in T shape.


Designed for expeditions, frequent assembly and disassembly, easy to warm. Offers a great resistance to wind.


The ideal tent for permanent or semi permanent site. Easy to carry and very warm in winter, is suitable for all seasons.

Snow Walker

This rectangular tent is simple and fast to pich up with a central T pole as the cree tent. Easy to heat and offers a great resistance to wind.


Super quare tent with 5' walls and 8' high. A kind of Alaskan / Prospector "hybrid"

Yurt - Ger

Self-supporting, it is very strong and quite appropriate for our climate. Heated with a wood stove, it becomes as comfortable as a house.