•All our bags are exceptionally built by hand with ultra high quality tissues and hardware
•They are multi-purpose, MOLLE-compatible, customizable with another day pack and with an arrangement of pockets and straps
•They are versatile with pockets, bags, cases or wearing weapons and / or axes and removable compression straps, etc.
•You can configure it the way you want according to your activities / needs
•With their Cordura 1000 deniers and PVC lining 16 ounces they are almost indestructible
•They are easy to clean and easily wahable with their PVC finish inside
•Durable and designed for heavy use for years

•Cordura 1000 derniers construction for exterior and PVC lined vinaguard 16 ounces inside
•Ergonomic straps lined, waist belt 1", zippered pocket in the lid
•Buckles plastic heavy duty Canadian manufacturing
•Big brass eyelet for draining at bottom into the bag
•Long straps allowing you to attach something below the bag or in front
•A removable back pad brightly colored, can serve as a road sign or floor pad
•4 rows of MOLLE webbing to attach anything you want
•Unlike the MOLLE system, the straps are sewn to 3 "which allows to attach additional loops or straps
•Nylon collar for a few liters more loading

Dimensions : 6" x 11" x 15"

•Same features as the 20 liters version
•Only difference is a removable belt 2" size and 6 rows straps

Dimensions : 9" x 12" x 20"

•The knapsack is a hybrid between a traditional and a knapsack bike mailbag
•As the daypack, it is made in Cordura 1000 deniers with couble layer of PVC 16 oz. It also has a brass eyelet to serve as drain in the bag bottom
There are 2 small outside pockets under the flap and a full-size and another one inside
•The shoulder strap is detachable allowing the bag to be use into a pocket for the daypack
•It also has MOLLE loops on the sides for attaching any type of bags and accessories
•It can be worn on the shoulder like a traditional bag or wear it on the back with his additionnal strap allowing it to hold up well in cycling for example

Dimensions : 6" x 10" x 12"
Capacity of approx. 10 liters

•The small pouch is compatible with the MOLLE system and of course with all our bags
•Made of Cordura 1000 derniers and 16 oz pvc inside, it is also provided an brass eyelet below to serve as drain in the bottom
• It can accommodate a military gourd, a 1.18 liter water bottle with his cup, or some kind of object

Dimensions : 3" x 5" x 8 1/2"

•Same features as the small pouch but bigger size
•It may contain larger items like a polar fleece vest or a large bowl, etc.

Dimensions : 5" x 6 1/2" x 11"

•Nylon straps 6' long to tie your sleeping bag, snowshoes or any other bulky items
•With this length of webbing you'll never be caught unawares
•The metal buckles zipper allow you a fast and efficient service since these loops are heavy duty
•Can be sold alone or in various length according to your needs (contact us for more information)

•Removable compression straps to carry tools such as ax, machete, knife or any other
•Can be sold alone or in various length according to your needs (contact us for more information)

•Heavy duty super clip very usefull to attach to your bag for lots of additionnal functionality - Made in Canada

• Nylon straps for easy transport your firearms

Description Prix
Day Pack 20 liters (6" x 11" x 15") 265$
Day Pack 35 liters (9" x 12" x 20")
Hnapsack approx. 10 liters (6" x 10" x 12") 125$
Small pouch approx. 2 liters (3" x 5" x 8 1/2") 55$
Big pouch approx. 5 liters (5" x 6 1/2" x 11") 65$
Adding velcro on the flap for your Patches (or Atuk patches) 5$
Straps (set of 2) 20$
Removable compression straps (set of 2) 20$
Grimlock (set of 2) 10$
Firearm carrier strap 35$
Small pouch with fastex loop ( 7"’x 9") 25$
Small pouch with zipper ( 7"’x 9") 35$
Waist pouch with zipper (12" x 7" x 4") 65$
Listed prices does not include taxes and shipping fees, and may change without notice. Price list valid until December 31, 2018.

All Tents are hand made in Canada